"There has got to be balance."  - H.H. Dalai Lama XIV

Okay, we admit, the Dalai Lama was not referring to vermouth and gin in equal parts. He was referring to spiritual growth and balancing intellectual pursuit with inner contemplative practices. We certainly wouldn’t argue against the importance of striking that balance for anyone in their lives.

At Yogatini, we believe that anything in extreme, without balance and awareness, is bad for a person’s health and happiness, whether it’s too much yoga or too many martinis.

We believe that balance is never a static, it's changing and involves movement. Awareness and adjustment are key and we're never in perfect balance, rather we're constantly re-balancing,  all the while holding true to certain values. For Yogatini, this means yoga, wellness, connecting with old friends, and making new ones. We believe that when we're working toward that balance,  we’re happy.


We invite you to join us for a scheduled Yogatini event or to contact us to set up a group event for you and your friends. 

Have a Yogatini, it’s a little different, but we know you’ll love it.

Yogatini was co-created and is run by Jonathan Leuchs, Founder & President of th8awave productions - www.th8awave.com. Jonathan practices yoga and meditation daily, loves to swim and surf, and finds balance with a glass of vinho verde or sauvignon blanc, or even a tad bit of tequila from time to time.